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Chartering and transport organization

Why delegate freight transportation to a charterer ?

The role of the charterer is to organize a transport of goods by one or more means of transport depending on the case.

In shipping, chartering is an activity by which a shipowner rents the use of his vessel to a charterer. More generally, the charterer buys the transport service and sells the transport service to his client, whether at national or international level, while respecting the regulations for the transport of goods.
This can be land, sea or air charter or combined charter by land, sea and air.

In our Chartering section, you will find professionals specializing in the chartering of goods (full batch or half batch), perishable goods, goods approved by customs, whether it is terrestrial chartering, or by air or sea.

Road Freight Transport

In our section Road Freight Transport, you will reach the transport professionals for all your goods. You will find specialized suppliers by category: industrial transport, express transport, tanker transport, container transport, refrigerated transport, various transport such as transport of live animals, vehicles, large goods...

In the Industrial Transport category, you will be able to choose full or half batch transport, container transport or light transport.

Among the professionals of the transport by bucket, you will be able to choose the transport by bucket with cereals, dump for public works, dumpster or by poly skips.

In tanker transport, you will have access to the list of professionals according to the type of tank desired: tanks for the transport of foodstuffs, tanks for the transport of non-food products, liquid or powdery, or tanks for the transport of hazardous or dangerous goods.

In the refrigerated transport category, you can opt for the refrigerated transport of foodstuffs or non-food products, whether it is negative temperature (frozen products) or positive temperature (ultra fresh or fresh products). You will also have access to carriers specializing in the transport of organs and blood.

Also check out this category to find your carrier of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as for the transportation of your vegetables, flowers and plants.
For your exceptional convoys, easily access professionals in the specialized transport sector such as the transport of mobile homes, bungalows, construction equipment, swimming pool, truck transport crane, container, agricultural equipment, laundry.

Express or courier professionals

Need to send a parcel express ?

Express or courier professionals offer a large range of solutions to the requirements of delivery of Documents/Non-Documents, all types of cargo – high value, critical and urgent shipments all over Europe and any part of the World. Based on the specific requirements of each individual or corporate, the suppliers of these type of services provide customized services with the application of multi-modal distribution systems integrated by surface transport and by air freight or sea freight.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, the couriers ensure a delivery of your folds or small parcels in a very short time and a defined geographical area. In order to save time, the services of couriers are most often done on a motorcycle but sometimes deliveries are made by car or truck.

For urgent shipments of parcels, folds, documents, sensitive goods, look in our directory, the professional that meets your expectations from our list of specialists in express transport, express courier, in Europe and in the worldwide.


In our Logistics section, you will have access to the list of our partners specialized in logistics services such as inventory management, order preparation, distribution and packaging of pallets…

The logistics provider is a professional who intervenes between the supplier and the distributor.
Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics can include physical items such as food, materials, animals, equipment, and liquids; as well as intangible items, such as time and information. The logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow, materials handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security.

The most common services provided by logistics professionals are the storage of goods, the management of merchandise inventories for third parties, the palletizing, the reception, the management and the preparation of orders.
Logistics providers can also transport and distribute goods from one warehouse to another and can also provide logistical consulting services.

Storage and warehousing

Need space or equipment to store your goods ?

For lack of space or equipment, some companies use storage professionals to store their raw materials awaiting processing at a production plant or for the storage of finished products awaiting delivery or distribution.

Warehousing companies, sometimes offers complementary services such as inbound and outbound order processing, bar coding, re-packing, labeling and quality control, handling, pallet services and stretch wrapping, pool distribution logistics, pick and pack services, inventory services.

In our Warehousing section, find easily the professionals of outdoor storage, covered storage, cold storage, storage of liquids, hazardous or dangerous products, storage specialists but also the furniture storage or self storage.

Rental with driver

In our Rental with driver section, find the vehicle and the specialized driver corresponding to your request, whether it is the rental with driver of semi trucks or trucks, light vehicles, a forklift, a bus or even of a public works machine.

There is a network of professionals specialized in renting with drivers. The use of machinery or trucks sometimes remaining occasional, some companies have made this niche their main business to meet a need punctual.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you can find a wide choice of chauffeur-driven car rentals regardless of your location.

Passenger transport

Passenger transportation refers to any person traveling by land, rail, air or sea.
In this section, access the passenger transportation professionals. You can refine your search according to your request: group transportation, school bus, regular passenger bus lines, tour operators and travel agencies, passenger transport by land, air or sea.

Road passenger transport comprises urban and interurban passenger transport, and thus includes public transport as well as private passenger transport companies and school transport.

Passenger rail transport is the movement of passengers by train, subway and tramway. These infrastructures can be managed by public or private providers.

Passenger sea transport mainly concerns cruises or short-duration voyages.

Passenger air transport is the transport of people in the air. This mode of transportation is mainly provided by airlines (regular airlines, low cost airlines, charter flights purchased by travel companies) but also concerns trips made by helicopters or private planes.

Transport by taxi

How to make the right choice ?

When you have to use a taxi to get around, it is important to know a few rules before making your choice. Of course, taxi business is regulated by law.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no obligation for the traveler to take the taxi at the front of the queue, the passenger can refuse to take it to wait for a vehicle that suits him better.
The chosen route (which can be defined by the traveler), the rate (kilometric allowance and hourly rate of waiting time) and the methods of taking care of it must be defined in advance even if it is for use to do informally.

In some cases, billing surcharges may apply: transportation of a 4th adult passenger or 2 children, bulky luggage supplement, pet supplement, start of the race (station, port or airport), back empty , conditions of difficult traffic (snow, ice, ...).
In the big cities, to avoid traffic jams and if you are not very busy, you will be able to make the trip by motorcycle taxi.

Thanks to Transport International, it's easy to find a taxi for your trips in a light vehicle or motorbike, whether you're in France, Europe or anywhere in the world.

The movers

Choosing the right mover is essential to ensure the proper transfer of your property.

As a transport professional, the selected mover must be referenced in the road freight or movers register and the trade and companies register. This guarantees the legal existence of the company and its ability to perform this activity as a moving professional.

It is also important to compare the offers to make the right choice, the comparison on the basis of 3 quotes is a good compromise to choose the professional in terms of rates and services offered. For this, as a good professional moving the company or companies selected should normally make a prior visit to the place to move, pledge of their seriousness, to determine the volume of goods to be transported and the means necessary to make the move properly (need of a nacelle or not, constraints such as stairs, the size of the corridors, the possibilities of parking nearby, ...). Ideally, the configuration and constraints of the place where the goods will be transferred are also to be taken into account before writing the quotes. It is therefore recommended to be wary of removals movers without making a visit upstream and without questioning where the property will be transferred.

In some cases, it is possible to have to apply to the town hall to obtain an authorization for moving parking that may or may not be billed by the locality depending on the municipalities. The moving professional can take care of this process for your account, but note that this service will be reflected on the quote of the latter.

Generally, the establishment of an estimate by a mover is free, however, some of them can charge this service depending on the type of move desired.
Low cost fares should also attract your attention and encourage you to do extensive research on the moving company to verify that it actually exists and is registered in the Trade and Companies Register.

According to your expectations, you can select a mover with the simplest formula or choose to delegate all the tasks involved in a move, that is to say the packaging and unpacking of goods, dismantling and assembly of furniture in the new housing or premises, or even if you wish, the cleaning of the premises or housing moved.

It should be noted that the chosen moving professional is not entitled to subtract his services without having informed you and without having obtained your prior agreement.

Finally, whether it is a move for a professional or private, it is advisable to make requests for quotes at least 2 months in advance and avoid school holidays to make the move.

Now that you have all the elements to choose your mover, access in a few clicks our selection of movers professionals. You will find the specialized mover for your office move, the industrial or administrative transfer of your goods or your furniture, whether you are a professional or an individual, whether your move concerns France or Europe or any other country in the world.

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