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Transportation Directory is THE solution to guide you in your search for road, air or sea transport companies.

With our easy and convenient guide, find the transport professional that suits you in England, Europe and the rest of the world.

The 140 000 carriers in our directory will allow you to find the professional who suits you for the road, air or sea transport of your goods.

Are you looking for a transport professional ?

Thanks to our precise search system, you will be able to access the list of professionals according to its geographical situation, the location served, its general activity and its specific services.

Transportation Directory allows you to easily find the carrier that interests you through our search system by heading: Chartering, Freight Transport, Warehousing, Logistics, Moving, Rental with driver, Passenger transport, Taxi.

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Chartering and transport organization

Why use a charterer ?

A charterer's role is to organize a transport of goods on behalf of its customers.

The charterer, who buys the transport service for resale to his customers, must in all cases, comply with the various regulations of the countries concerned by his transport service.

In this section, you will find professionals specialized in the chartering of goods by land, sea or air or combined chartering.

Road Freight Transport

In this section, you will have access to the professionals of road transportation among the categories: express transport and messaging, transport by bucket or tanker, industrial transport, transport in refrigerated trucks, transport of live animals, vehicles, large goods...

The Industrial Transport category, will allow you to find your carrier for the transport by half lots or complete batch of your goods but also for the transport by containers.

The category transport by tank, will allow you to find the specialized professional according to the type of materials to be transported: foodstuffs, non food products, liquids or powdery products, dangerous materials.

In the category by bucket, you will choose the appropriate carrier for transporting your grain, rubble, iron... You can also find the specialists of transport by poly skips.

Whether for the transport of foodstuffs, non-food products, at a positive temperature (fresh products) or at a negative temperature (frozen products), transportation of organs or blood, transport of fruits and vegetables or plants, products pharmaceutical or cosmetics, our section Refrigerated Transport will allow you to easily find the carrier that suits you.

For your special transport, such as the transport of mobile homes, bungalows, construction equipment, swimming pools or any large goods, find the specialist of the exceptional convoy adapted in our category Special Transport.

Express or courier professionals

Need an emergency shipment ?

Thanks to a networked organization, the courier professionals will allow you to deliver your goods very quickly (up to a certain weight) both nationally and internationally.

The couriers will allow you to deliver your small parcels or folds in a particularly short time especially in the big cities in which the deliveries are done on motorcycle.

In our Transport Express and Messaging section, whether you are an individual or a professional, you will access the list of specialists in this sector for your documents or urgent parcels.


In the Logistics section, you will find the logistics specialists according to their various services as order preparation and management, stocks management, packaging and palletizing.

The logistics professional is an intermediary between the supplier and the distributor. Generally, he acts on behalf of customers to perform goods storage missions, inventory management, pallet packaging but also the reception, management and preparation of orders. The logistics provider can also offer logistics consulting services.

Finally, it may also be required to provide transport and distribution services on behalf of its customers.

Storage and warehousing

Do you lack space to store your goods ?

In this section, find easily the professionals specializing in covered or outdoor storage, storage of liquids, of hazardous or dangerous products as well as the professionals in furniture storage or self storage.

When companies do not have enough storage space or lack the appropriate equipment, they are forced to use storage professionals.

Warehousing professionals offer solutions for the storage of finished products awaiting distribution or raw materials awaiting processing.

Rental with driver

In the Rental with driver section, you will easily find the professional who will be able to provide you with the desired vehicle as well as the appropriate driver for a truck, a light vehicle, a forklift, a coach or a public works machine, whether you are a professional or an individual, whether you are in England or elsewhere in the world.

Some companies have rented with chauffeur their main activity. They respond to a specific or occasional need for a specific vehicle with the adapted driver.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you can find a wide choice of chauffeur-driven car rentals regardless of your location.

Passenger transport

Passenger transportation refers to any person traveling by land, rail, air or sea. In our section Passenger Transport, find the professional that suits your needs: group transportation, school bus, regular passenger bus lines, tour operators and travel agencies, air passenger transport or light vehicles.

Road passenger transport concerns public transport (which can be managed by private or public structures, private bus companies, school transport).

Maritime passenger transport refers to tourist cruises or short sea voyages.

Travel by train, metro or tram belongs to the rail transport category.

Air passenger travel by airlines such as scheduled airlines, low cost companies or charter flights chartered by tour operators as well as flights by helicopter or private aircraft belong to the air transport category.

Dans cette rubrique, accédez aux professionnels du transport de voyageurs. Vous pourrez affiner votre rechercher selon votre demande : transport de groupes, transport scolaire, lignes régulières de transport de voyageurs en autobus, organisateurs de voyages et agences de voyages, transport de voyageurs par voie aérienne ou véhicules légers.

Transport by taxi

How to choose a taxi ?

Thanks to Transportation Directory, it's easy to find a taxi for your trips in a light vehicle or motorbike, whether you're in England, Europe or anywhere in the world.

For a private or business trip by taxi, you need to know some rules to make the right choice. There is no obligation for the traveler to take the first taxi in the queue, if the vehicle does not please him, the passenger can wait for the next vehicle.

Before getting into a taxi, it is important to agree with the driver on the terms of care such as the itinerary (chosen by the traveler or not), the billing system (amount of kilometric allowance and hourly rate for waiting time). If necessary, also inquire about possible billing surcharges in the event of a 4th passenger, large baggage, a pet to be transported, depending on the start of the race (station, port or airport), or climatic conditions that can make traffic difficult.

To avoid congestion in big cities, you can sometimes make your trip by motorcycle taxi, only if you have little luggage. Note that taxi activity is regulated by law even though regulations may vary from country to country.

The movers

How to make the right choice for your move ?

In our section Movers, you will quickly find the professional moving matching your expectations for both the removal of your office or business premises or your home that you are England, Europe or elsewhere in the world, whether you are a professional or an individual.

First of all, it is important to ensure that the selected company is officially registered as a professional in the movers business.

It is essential to solicit several moving companies, 3 on average, to have a reliable comparison of the proposals as well as the tariffs and the proposed services. Very low rates should alert you and you should also be wary of offers found on the Internet.

A good moving professional will offer a pre-visit of the premises or housing to move in order to take into account on-site constraints such as a narrow staircase, a move to the floor without a lift, and estimate the volume of items to be moved.

Parking difficulties must also be taken into account. It is sometimes necessary to ask for a specific authorization in town hall. The mover can take care of this procedure but may charge it to the customer.

Depending on what you want, you will find offers ranging from the simplest formula to the most complete formula. Indeed, some companies can take care of the assembly and disassembly of the furniture, the packing and the unpacking of the goods but also the cleaning of the old housing or old premises.

A mover can not under-treat your move to a colleague without first obtaining your agreement.

It is recommended to avoid school holidays to make a move and to make requests for quotation at least 2 months in advance.

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